Saturday, April 12, 2008

Only in there Gross Ignorance about the Confederate Battle Flag

We have all heard people say 'Only in America could such and such happen.' Sometimes the things mentioned are fairly close to the truth. With a great degree of accuracy we can also say 'Only in America is there still gross ignorance [sometimes officially sponsored] as to what the Confederate battle flag really stands for.' Many of us recognize the St. Andrews Cross on the battle flag as a Christian symbol and I have no doubt whatever that many hate it and war against it for precisely that reason - that it is Christian in origin.
Yet in other parts of the world the Confederate battle flag is revered as a symbol of freedom by those who have, at least, some understanding of what that means. I have seen photos of Christian blacks in the Sudan who are combatting Muslim oppression and slavery, carrying the Confederate battle flag. I even talked once with one of the missionaries who brought the flags in to them. I mentioned that "The Confederate battle flag is a good flag" to which he responded to me "It's a great flag!" That missionary, though not born in the United States, realized what that flag smybolized.
To people all over Europe the Confederate battle flag is a symbol of freedom and opposition to tyranny. My wife used to work with a girl from Romania when we lived in Illinois. My wife had a small Confederate battle flag fastened to the front of her desk at work. When the Romanian girl came in she remarked that she knew about that flag - it was the 'freedom flag' to people in Romania. And I have seen photos from various places in Eastern Europe where demonstrations were being held against communism and, invariably, some person or persons in the crowd had a Confederate battle flag. They understood the symbolism of the battle flag. They may not have grasped totally the Christian heritage of the banner, but they knew it represented liberty and opposition to tyranny.
I know a man who used to live in this country for awhile and has now moved back to Poland. He has always been sympathetic to and supported the Confederate Movement in this country. Recently he e-mailed me to let me know he still flies the battle flag at his home in Poland and that, from his limited budget, he tries to purchase battle flags when he can and hands them out to Polish and other foreign truck drivers who he has contacted with his CB radio. He told me "they love that flag and their friends want it." So it goes in Europe, Africa, and probably other places where some understanding of what the Confederate battle flag represents is present.
However, in 'enlightened' America, much of the population has no grasp of what the flag means. Of course, thanks to their 'education' in government schools they have no grasp of history. They believe the battle flag means slavery - the exact opposite of what it represents to people in other countries. Of course the politically correct propaganda mills in this country have to take credit for that. In this country we have taken the words of Isaiah the prophet: "Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter" and literally lived them out in regard to the battle flag, and other Confederate symbols as well. I have seen all manner of lies written about the battle flag. One piece I read talked about all the slave ships that carried slaves over here under the Confederate flag. What hogwash! Anyone who has read any accurate history at all knows the slave ships all flew Yankee flags because they came from the North, not from Charleston or Savannah.
And then today, also, we have big business, those people that want our dollars for what they sell or manufacture, telling us that the battle flag is 'bad for business' and so they don't want it. Furthermore, some of them manage to sneak into the smoke-filled back rooms inhabited by miserable political creatures and work out back-room deals to get Confederate symbols removed from state flags. And, when the possibility arises that some of those symbols might be put back in place, they continue the same scare tactics. Big business really doesn't like either Christian or freedom symbols. Most politicians don't either. They're so busy trying to buy the votes of the welfare class so they can remain in office to hand out more of our goodies that they would sell their souls to get re-elected, and if they have to help sell out their Southern heritage to remain in office, well then, so be it.
Whenever the choice is left to ordinary folks, as it was awhile back in Mississippi, Confederate flags and symbols are resoundingly retained. It would have been thus in Georgia and in South Carolina if everyday folks had had the chance to vote on it. But then, the politicians and big businessmen really know what's best for us [or more properly, for them] and so they seek to removed those 'divisive' [historical] symbols of faith and freedom, and if they ever bother to pray about anything, they probably pray to whatever deity they embrace that the average Southerner would forget his history and heritage, and preferably his faith, too, if it would result in more business or votes for them.
We have been informed over the years that Confederate flags and statues in various places in the South contribute to divisivness and emotional trauma - yet they are going to plant a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Richmond, Virginia, and, if they get their way, statues of other Union 'heroes' as well - and that is not supposed to cause any emotional trauma or mental anguish to Southerners??? What liars and hypocrites 'those people' are. They should be exposed and opposed at every turn. If they plan to attempt to steal our heritage then let's make then fight for it. Let them know, in every possible legal and honorable way that 'we ain't goin' easy.'
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