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by John CollierAbout 12 months ago I received a list of the known Confederates buried in Britain, and was amazed that there were only five recorded cases, knowing that there must be many more I decided to try and locate as many as possible. To begin with asked people who I thought might know of others buried here, like Roy Rawlinson who has a www site about the Liverpool-Bulloch-CSS Alabama connection. This added a few more names and locations to the list .An article I put in two local newspapers generated some interest, and I was informed of three soldiers buried locally.As you will know many of the CS commerce raiders had crews made up almost entirely of British seamen and after getting their names off the ships rosters I put notices on the family notice boards that are on the www. Also by now others with an interest in the war were beginning to hear of my search and some were able to contribute other names to my list.I often passed some of these names onto an associate SCV member here called Tony Jones who would often contact the authorities in the area these men came from and in many cases we were able to record that they had died there.Many of those buried in Britain were born here like Father John B Bannon (whose name I originally got from Camp Adjutant Lars Gjertveit). John B Bannon was one of the greatest of CS heroes ,as was Comm. James Dunwody Bulloch CSN who was American born but died in Liverpool in 1901,he was not covered by the amnesty after the war and he could not return to America.Others made a mark on history too, like Colonel Richard Milton Cary buried in Cornwall who led the 30th Virginia Inf. with distinction, Capt Stephen Winthrop buried in Gloucestershire rode next to Jeb Stuart, and Capt. John Low buried at Golborne brought so much arms and ammunition into America aboard the CSS Fingal that the South were able to fight a huge battle with it !( Shiloh).I must thank all those involved in the search for Southern graves here, people like the 'gravediggers 'of the Southern Skirmish association, Terry Foenander of Australia for giving me so many leads, the family members who recognized their ancestors names on family message boards, my wife Barbie who always makes sure a CS grave is always left tidy and free of weeds, and all those others who gave me so much help.I have estimated that between 400 and 2000 Confederates are buried in Britain, many will never be found and are sadly lost forever, but many are now listed and will be remembered and honoured for as long as there are people to do so.
JOHN COLLIER ,...FULL member SCV Camp # 584( Maj-Gen W D McCain)and associate member SCV Camp # 1770
( Capt J I Waddell)Confederate Soldiers and Sailors buried in Britain And those with monuments or memorial plaques
(1) Comm. James Dunwody BULLOCH ,CSN,buried Toxteth, Liverpool died Jan 7 1901.
(2) Lt. Irvine Stephens BULLOCH, CSN,( CSS Alabama, CSS Shenandoah) buried Toxteth,Liverpool.
(3) James Mc DONALD, CSS Florida buried West Derby Necropolis grave 240,died 20 Mar.1865 aged 28.
(4) Col. James DUFF ,33rd TX Cav. Died London 1900.
(5) Capt John LOW ,CSN died 6 Sept 1906 buried Golborne,Lancs.( CSS Alabama,CSS Fingal ,CSS Tuscaloosa).
(6) Pte. James WEADLEY ,CoE 2nd Tenn Inf ,CSA k.i.a.6th April 1862 at Shiloh, family grave Dean Rd, Scarborough.
(7) Capt Stephen WINTHROP, general staff ANV, died 13 March 1879, buried Painswick, Gloucs.Plot no. 2098.
(8) Capt Charles MURRAY, CSA, buried family vault, Dunmore,Scotland.
(9) Capt John ROWAN, CSA,died Nov 29 1867 buried,St James cemetery, Liverpool grave no C-1061.
(10)Pte.( later Sir) Henry Morton STANLEY ,6th Arkansas Inf.died 10 May 1904, buried Pirbright, Surrey.
(10a) Pte.( later Sir) Henry Morton STANLEY,6th Arkansas Inf.died 10 May 1904 ,plaque on the North wall of St Michael & All Angels church, Pirbright, Surrey.
(11) Michael MARS , CSN. CSS Alabama,believed buried London August 1878,but M.Rigby states he died America 1891.
(12) John CAREN ,CSS Alabama,died Mar1914 buried Anfield, Liverpool, grave 7-642.
(13) George HORWOOD,CSS Alabama & CSS Shenandoah, died 5 Oct 1888 buried grave C28, St James, Liverpool.
(14) Henry W. ALLCOT, CSS Alabama, CSS Shenandoah died 3 Mar 1891, Liverpool.
(15) Samuel BREWER ,CSS Alabama,died 1886 ,Liverpool.
(16) Capt Charles Ambrose McEVOY, CSN, buried Codicote,Herts.
(17) Col. Richard Milton CARY, 30th VA Inf.died 15 March 1886 in Woodfield, Budock, buried Falmouth, Cornwall 1886.
(18) Thomas POTTER, CSS Alabama, died 3 Feb 1867, Liverpool.
(19) Frederick Matthew JOHNS ,CSS Alabama, family grave St James, Liverpool Cof E no.C 432.(20) Gen. Patrick Royayne CLEBURN.plaque at St. Cuthberts church, Cliburn, Cumberland.
(21) Col. Robert Alexander SMITH ,10th Miss Inf.monument at Dean cemetery ,Edinburgh.k.i.a. Mundsfordville,Tenn. 1862.
(22) Samuel HENRY ,CSS Alabama, died Birkenhead 1919.
(23) Comm .Arthur SINCLAIR ,CSN buried 3 June Fleetwood 1865.
(24) Father John BANNON,1st Missouri Brigade died Dublin July 14 ,1913 ( now believed born 29th Dec.1829 died 14th July 1919).
(25)Col. William L KNIGHT ,3rd Alabama Inf. buried Croydon cemetery grave 7742-C5,7 March 1914 age 82. (lived at 42 Addiscombe Court Rd, E.Croydon).
(26) John TALLANTIRE, CSS Alabama, buried Bridlington grave C211buried 3 Sep 1913.DISPUTED
(27) William WATSON, CS Army & blockade runner, buried Seamer (?) , N.Yorks.
(28) James GLEVIN, CSS Alabama, buried 31 Jan 1915 , Maryport, Scotland. DISPUTED
(29) Capt.Henry Wemyss FEILDEN, CSA died 18 June 1921, Burwash , Sussex.buried 21 June 1921 age 82. buried in churchyard extension Burwash.
(30) William McNeil WHISTLER, Orr's rifles.buried London (?)
(31) Llewellyn Traherne Bassett SAUNDERSON, staff officer to Fitz.Lee, died Ireland 30 March 1913.(32) Joseph CONNOR, CSS Alabama, buried Liverpool.
(33) James McFADGEN,CSS Alabama, died L'pool (?)
(34)John DUGGAN,CSS Alabama & CSS Tuscaloosadied L'pool (?)
(35) William CRAWFORD, CSS Alabama, died L'pool(?)
(36) Robert EGAN .as above.
(37) John EMERY.as above.
(38) Edward FITZMAURICE.as above.
(39) James HOGGS or HICKS.as above.
(40) Peter HUGHES..as above.
(41) Thomas WILLIAMS,CSS Alabama & CSS Tuscaloosa,died Liverpool(?)
(42) Joseph PEARSON, CSS Alabama ,died Liverpool(?)
(43) Asst Surg.David Herbert LLEWELLYN, CSS Alabama, plaque at Charring Cross hosp.died June 19 1864.
(43a) Asst Surg.David Herbert LLEWELLYN, CSS Alabama, monument at Easton Parish church,Wilts.
(45) David MARSHALL ,CSS Shenandoah ,buried Liverpool(?)
(46) Asst Sur. Thomas J. CHARLTON, CSS Georgia, CSS Florida, buried Liverpool(?) NOW KNOWN TO BE BURIED IN GA.
(47) Maurice Berkeley PORTMAN, ACD to Wade Hampton died N.Petherton ,Somerset 12 Jan 1888.
(48) Herbert Sydney DAVIES,7th Tenn. Inf buried England(?)
(49) Thomas E. CAFFEY ,Co D 18th Miss,b.London ,buried England(?)
(50) Capt. Charles Hubert BRYNE, Co H ,1st Foreign Battalion CSA,buried England(?)
(51) Edmund Langley HUNT,CS forces,died July 1st 1911,buried England (?). Two of his brothers also believed to be in CS service.
(52) CS Chaplain Thomas Davenport OZANNE,died 20 Feb.1868 aged 48 buried Castel cemetery, St Peter Port, Guernsey.
(53) George Townley FULLAM,CSS Alabama, family grave is at Charterhouse,Hull.
(54) Bennett G. BURLEY CSN, buried Scotland?
(55) Major Henry Ronald MacIVER( Dec 25th 1841-May 1907) ,Scout to Gen.Trimble,buried Scotland?
(56)1st Sgt.William WATSON, 3rd Louisiana Inf, Pelican Rifles, buried Glasgow?
(57) John NOLAN, 2nd Florida Inf.
(59) Thomas Longmain CSS Virginia II ,born England 1842 .
(60) Capt Richard AGAR,CoG. 1st La Heavy artillery.
(61) Capt BURNES, on staff of Gen Bragg.
(62) Maj. Charles Henry FORD,1st Va Bn.
(63) Maj HODGES , Gen Beauregard's Staff.
(64)? PRENDERGAST,10th Tenn Inf.
(65) Stuart James SHORTT,on staff of T. F. Drayton & W. T. Martin.
(66) Lt.John F. RAMSEY ,CSN.
(67) Lt. John GRIMBALL,CSS Shenandoah.
(68) Asst. Engineer, W. H . CODD, CSS Shenandoah.
(69) John MINOR CSN, CSS Shenandoah.
(70)? MacGREFFERY, CSS Shenandoah.
(71) Ernest MUGGUFFENEY, CSS Shenandoah.
(72) Lodge COLTON, CSS Shenandoah.
(73) J. L. GUY,CSS Shenandoah.
Original leads supplied by;-Chris Old..........1,5,7,8,10-21.
Roy Rawlinson ........2,23,28,32-43.
Maurice Rigby..........3,9.
Scarborough B.C. (parks dept)..6
Tony Jones......... 10a
Norman Creaser...... 26,27.
Bill Torrens...........29-31,47-52,59-65.
Terry Foenander........43a,45,45,53,58,66.
Scots -in -the -Civil War.. 54-56.
Lars ( SCV Camp Europe)..24,25.
Steve( SCV Camp # 1770)...67-73.
Unrecorded ..........4,22


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thanks for posting this list. I think the work that went into compiling it is outstanding. Not only that, but this kind of information needs to be spread around to let others know that the history of the Confederacy and it's people (during and after the war)expands much farther than the 13 states that it was made up of.

Along similiar lines. This past year I was driving through West Virginia and stopped at a visitor center and bought a little book entitled "Soldier of Misfortune: Alexander Welch Reynolds of the United States, Confederate and Egyptian Armies" Alexander Reynolds has a stone in Lewisburg, West Virginia, but is actually buried in an unmarked grave in Alexandria, Egypt.

Thank you again.

Hobie said...

I've been researching my wife's GGGreat-grandfather Erasmus Dortch who was drafted in Alabama and reportedly died in Warwickshire England in Oct 1864. It is certain that he died in Confederate service but not so much as to where (as of now).

This list, and I well know how much effort went into it, is a boon to researchers such as myself. Many thanks for your efforts.

Bob said...

I've been searching for Adjutant Thomas Tileston Greene of the 61st Alabama Infantry for more than 20 years, he's the son-in-law of Col. Frederick G. Skinner of the 1st Virginia Infantry, after the war the family moved to NYC, in 1902 Greene's wife Elise died and I think Thomas T. Greene left for England with his daughter and her family where he may have died, his daughter married Frederick Wells Peckham in NYC but Peckham resided in London. During the war Thomas wrote many letters to his future wife Elise then living in Richmond telling about the battles he was involved in, mostly in the Valley.

Mary Ann Voss said...

Thank you for this web site. I am happy to report thst #72, Lodge Colton returned to the US and had a long career as a captain for the WARD shipping line and was buried in the old Swedes Church in Philadelphis in 1913. His unique belt buckle nd his Confederate sword are on display at the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, VA. He was my great Uncle and I have his silver and paintings. There is also a great deal of information about him on the internet in the last decade. I hope to attend the 150 year observation of the CSS Shenandoah surrender in Liverpool in 2015. Mary Ann Voss California

Carl Semmes said...

As an Ancestor of Adm. Raphael Semmes,CSN Commander of the CSS Alabama, I would like to thank you for posting this wonderful information. I would also like to thank all of the generations of Brits who have cared for the graves and records of these wonderful men. It further resolves a kinship between us and a hope that their memories remain fresh for future generations. Thank You.
Carl Semmes

Cordelia Elliot said...

This message is primarily for Hobie. I am a Southerner living in Warwickshire. If you would like a photograph of your ancestor's grave marker, let me know and I would be happy to take one and send it to you. Of course, I'm happy to do that for anyone if I'm in that part of the UK.

Maclilus said...

HRHD MacIver (or McIver) was buried at Kensico Cemetery, Valhalla (NYC area), NY, USA. Marie Dillon, who had been engaged and expected to inherit his estate had rushed out from Louisville, KY, took over the arrangements and sent his remains to that cemetery. Shortly afterwards, during the probate process, she discovered that he had disinherited her a few days before his death.